Give me 12-weeks and I will take you from self-loathing to BODY LOVE.


Which one of these sounds like you?

  • You’ve spent the last decade moving from gym to gym and diet to diet and still feel loathing & disappointment towards your body.
  • You might have ignored your body for years, hoping it would change, but of course, the only change you’ve seen is for the worse.
  • You have put your health & body on your never-ending to-do list, but you just keep getting pushed to the bottom.

Or, hands up if you’re all 3?  (I know I used to tick all the boxes)

Ultimately you want to change the way you feel about yourself, and you know it won’t happen if you just keep doing what you’re doing.

Is it time for a revolution? To really change things up?  To feel inspired and excited?  And to finally love your body the way it deserves?

I can help.

How I transformed from an exhausted gym junkie who punished & hated her body, into living an effortlessly healthier & calmer life.  


I had to revolutionise my life


In 2012, I left a stressful corporate career and living in Sydney to move to Albany, Western Australia where I studied to become a health coach, yoga teacher & personal trainer. Back in Sydney, I was the ultimate perfectionist – with a strong, mean internal dialogue that kept me on the diet/exercise treadmill.

With all the stresses of work, keeping house, maintaining relationships and obsessing about having the perfect body I was a wreck.  I was just keeping my head above water and my body, my health and my confidence were paying the price. After a couple of years of denial, lots of stress-related chocolate & wine binges and some surgeries for a chronic illness fuelled by stress, I finally realised that my own health and healing had to come first.

I quit my corporate job, moved to Albany and started to re-educate myself as a health coach, personal trainer, yoga teacher and Reiki practitioner.

What I now know to be true is that healthy food, gentle exercise, mindfulness and above all gentle loving kindness to myself are the keys to living a life of freedom.  Freedom from the mean inner voice, guilt, long-term stress, trips to the doctor and obsession over the scales.

And then, after spending most of my life thinking a flat tummy would solve most of my problems, things changed in early 2017 when I had a hysterectomy to treat my Stage 4 endometriosis. I finally decided my body had been punished enough and has made it my mission to empower women to live bright & energetic lives free from calorie counting and flogging themselves at the gym.

As The Body Love Coach I have worked with hundreds of women who, like me, needed tools to heal themselves from the 24/7 negative self-talk, the no-exercise guilts and feeling exhausted ALL THE TIME.  I’ve helped them (and myself) become stronger, healthier women that really enjoy life to the full.



And through listening to these women, and healing myself, I have developed The Body Love Method – a powerful system of practices and mindset shifts that can be used to move from struggling with low self-esteem to flourishing with a feeling of true self-love.

And for the first time, I am making The Body Love Method available in a group format so that we can support and nourish each other while I help you create positive and lasting changes for your health & your body.

Introducing The Body Love Revolution, a 12-week group program that empowers women to feel strong, confident, healthy and in love with their bodies.

Have you longed for far too long to feel comfortable in your own skin?

Are you looking to learn & incorporate self-love techniques so that life feels more blissful (and everyone around you notices the difference in you too)?

Are you keen to look after your body and have a supportive platform to help so that you don’t feel so alone?

Have you decided that the time is now to love & accept your body, just as it is?

Do you need a tribe around you to reinforce the importance of putting yourself first, so you can grow stronger in mind & body?

Are you ready to stop wasting money on gyms, diets and empty promises?


Beautiful, it is time to Join The Revolution

How The Body Love Revolution works:

Starting the 12th February 2018, I will release one video a week for 12 weeks.  Each video will be a deep dive into one element of The Body Love Method.  You will have access to a weekly workbook and a private Facebook group to keep in touch.

Every fortnight you will be invited to an online group chat where I can coach you through your questions or roadblocks and where you will be supported by other members of The Revolution.

And it is there you will realise you are not alone.

By the end of the 12 weeks, you will have developed your self-love plan plus you’ll have access to exclusive exercise, yoga and healthy eating pdfs and videos and you’ll have meditations and journaling prompts to download and keep.

The Body Love Method is then yours forever.  You can use the method over and over again, each time you fall back into old patterns or (even better) decide you want to take life to the next level.


Here’s what some of my recent clients have to say about working with me:

  • The emotional eating had stopped.  No more scratching in the cupboard for stuff to fill that empty void I had.
  • Portion sizes are down without me trying to make an effort as I actually notice when I am hungry and when I am full.
  • I’ve begun to have feelings around all kinds of things and instead of eating to help me deal with it, now I use my essential oils and meditation to solve things if I feel out of whack.
  • I feel lighter and am able to focus on what I want to do with my life, which is filled with more fun, laughter and lightness and not so much doom gloom, stress & worry.
Ashley Whiting

Owner of Ashley's Alchemy

Gail O'Keefe

Success Liberator, Speaker, Author, EFT Practitioner

So, my love, it’s time.

Time to say NO to harsh diets and punishing exercise programs, NO to being a doormat in an attempt to please others, YES to taking back personal power and YES to deserving self-love.


By the end of the 12-week program you will:

  • Love your body more than you ever have before
  • Know the in’s and out’s of The Body Love Method so you can apply it to your life whenever you need it
  • Own a set of at-home movement programs designed by a personal trainer & yoga teacher
  • Have a downloadable recipe e-book that is full of healthy and satisfying meals
  • Be able to meditate and journal and create a daily practice that actually suits your lifestyle, including downloadable resources to keep
  • Experience the support and friendship of other women on the same journey as you, and
  • Embrace The Body Love life and help create a ripple effect in the world


Sign up now as the first 5 people will get a FREE 90-minute private session with me valued at $197.

One Payment Option

Best Value

I like to make things easy so if you need a payment plan, send an email to and I’ll set you up with 3 monthly payments of $150.


P.S. If you are really ready to love your body and make 2018 the year of self-acceptance then now is the time to sign up for this program.  In just 12 weeks you will feel lighter, happier, and love your body no matter what shape or size you are.

Don't let time run out before you join The Body Love Revolution








After finishing the 8-week program I now have clearer skin and increased energy plus an improved outlook and a much tighter bum 🙂

Thanks Emma!  You’ve been a game-changer.  I know your wisdom will stay with me forever.

Amanda Rose

Graphic Designer & Mother

What a lovely afternoon. Thank you, Emma, for the great experience in your Body Love workshop today, it has made me realise I want to: Be kinder to myself, Not place so may demand on myself, Treat myself to moments of pure kindness and realise it is ok to not have time to do everything at once. I am feeling completely relaxed and nicely stretched, can’t wait for session 2 of Body Love xxx

Melynnda Jelley

Not-for-Profit Manager & Mother

If you have more questions please reach out.  Don’t be shy!

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