You know exercise makes you feel great… but you’re still not doing it.

You’ve tried the gym but felt a bit intimidated by all the equipment, the people and the programs.  Or you weren’t getting enough personalised attention (and if you’re over 40 they probably ignored you completely once they got your membership money).


You’re bloody busy too, what with work, looking after the house, seeing friends & family, getting all the jobs done.  Exercise is easily pushed to the bottom of the list (and you definitely feel guilty that you’re not doing it).


Plus you’re tired and stressed and overwhelmed… and slightly underwhelmed with how your body looks at the moment.  You know the way you look shouldn’t be so important… but deep down it is!  And the old Weight Watchers, My Fitness Pal, deprivation thing is not the way to go for you any more.  Life’s too short to skip the chocolate cake.


To put it bluntly though… you’ve kind of lost your spark.

And you’d really like to get it back, but how?

To be honest, you already know the answer:


  • regular, gentle exercise (with some hard cord sessions every now & then and some rest days too)
  • healthier eating
  • mindfulness & “me-time”
  • a community of like-minded people to keep you motivated and help you feel supported


And I can help!

How I transformed from an exhausted gym junkie who punished & hated her body, into living an effortlessly healthier & calmer life.  Oh, and I got my spark back too!


In 2012, I left a stressful corporate career and living in Sydney to move to Albany, Western Australia where I studied to become a health coach, yoga teacher & personal trainer.

Back in Sydney I was the ultimate perfectionist – with a strong, mean internal dialogue that kept me on the diet/exercise treadmill.  With all the stresses of work, keeping house, maintaining relationships and obsessing about having the perfect body I was a wreck.  I was just keeping my head above water and my body, my health and my confidence were paying the price.

After a couple of years of denial, lots of stress-related chocolate & wine binges and some surgeries for a chronic illness fuelled by stress, I finally realised that my own health and healing had to come first.  I quit my corporate job, moved to Albany and started to re-educate myself as a health coach, personal trainer and yoga teacher.  What I now know to be true is that healthy food, gentle exercise and mindfulness are the keys to living a life of freedom.  Freedom from the mean inner voice, guilt, long-term stress, trips to the doctor and obsession over the scales.

Since then I have worked with hundreds of women who, like me, needed tools to heal themselves from the 24/7 negative self-talk, the no-exercise guilts and feeling exhausted ALL THE TIME.  I’ve helped them (and myself) become stronger, healthier women that really enjoy life to the full. And they’ve got their spark back too!


What all of these women have realised is that a regular routine of exercise, mindfulness techniques and healthier eating will lead to a much more productive and satisfying life.  And lot’s more energy.  Plus it doesn’t have to take a lot of time!

By the way, I don’t expect everyone I work with to leave their current lives and make a big sea change like me.  Let’s face it – life is pretty awesome.  You have your family and friends and a career.  But I know the things you can do to make life much more enjoyable and to quieten the guilty feelings you have about not looking after yourself the way you deserve.

All you need is a health & wellbeing professional to gently nudge you in the right direction…

  • To set you a weekly exercise program you can actually find time and energy to do
  • To revamp your kitchen with new easy & healthy recipes
  • To give you a weekly meditation that you can do in under 20 minutes
  • To give you a regular “talking to” to keep you motivated
  • And the option to have this professional in your house once a week to be your personal cheerleader

What is the Body Love Club?


It’s an online at-home lifestyle program offering weekly exercise routines, healthy recipes and meditations along with monthly mindset sessions with an upgrade option to include one-on-one time with me for trouble-shooting and personal service.


What does it include?


  • a minimum of 3 weekly exercise routines you can do at home to help you feel stronger, healthier and energised.  I’ll include strength. cardio and yoga sessions that are no longer than 30 minutes.
  • a weekly healthy recipe to help you get out of a cooking rut and feel amazing from eating more nutrient dense fuel.
  • a new meditation every week so you can carve out guilt-free “me-time” and learn the wonders of a mindfulness practice, a guaranteed way to reduce overwhelm & increase self-compassion.
  • monthly mindset sessions from me and other experts.  These amazing sessions will help you continue learning about yourself, your mindset blocks and constantly upgrade your life (not just when it comes to exercise!)
  • Access to a private online community of like-minded people.  The Facebook group will help to keep you connected and motivated, even (especially) on the days you want to throw in the towel.


  • PLUS you have an option to upgrade and have a private online session with me every week.  We can have an exercise session, meditate, talk about your own eating habits or work through anything that’s holding you back.  (Believe me, this is the best way to get your spark back QUICKLY).


How does it work?

For a small weekly fee, you will get exclusive access to the members-only file storage area where you’ll be able to download PDFs of your weekly workouts & recipes and audios of the weekly meditations.

You will also have access to videos of the exercises.

Plus you’ll be able to interact with the other Body Love Club members in the private Facebook group.

And you’ll be invited to attend exclusive online lessons from me and other health care professionals about all sorts of topics like staying motivated, amping up your self-worth, how to meditate and even info from allied health professionals like naturopaths, acupuncturists, and kinesiologists.  If you can’t come live, you’ll still see the replay in the member’s area.

AND you can upgrade and have me for 30 minutes each week to keep you extra accountable (or help you with some personal stuff).  These meeting will happen over Zoom which is free for you to use and we can even record the session so you can revisit it later. #bonus


In a nutshell, the Body Love Club is a place where you can get fitter & healthier in a flexible way without the pressures of weigh-ins and calorie counting.

It’s about feeling energised and empowered, not deprived and judged.

You are about to feel incredible!

To Sign up:

Just choose your option, then you’ll be redirected to book a one-on-one chat with me for a few minutes to cover me when it comes to insurance and so that you can ask me any lingering questions.  And then you’ll be on your way with your first week’s info.

*Please note that you are agreeing to have your preferred account debited weekly until you choose to cancel.  Minimum sign up period is 12 weeks because it takes a little while for the magic to start to happen!


If you have more questions please reach out.  Don’t be shy!

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