I genuinely believe that every woman could benefit from owning a barbell.  I know they look scary and it might seem like they belong in a blokey gym… but please, let me give you the top 4 reasons why you should run (not walk) to get yourself a barbell right now!  (BTW I got mine from Kmart – they are not expensive)

1. Weight-bearing exercise is essential for bone health

As women age, the amount of estrogen produced by the ovaries reduces until menopause when it stops all together.  One of the many benefits of estrogen is that it helps to protect bones from osteoporosis.  The benefits of weight-baring training is that it keeps bones strong and protects against brittle bones.

2. Weight-bearing exercise helps to tone the body

In order to have a toned looking body, it is important to use your muscles!  Gentle weight-bearing exercise will get that toned look in your body.  Don’t worry, women generally don’t produce enough testosterone to get a big bulky muscly look, but a couple of weight training sessions a week will help you lose the jiggle!

3. Barbells are easily adjustable to move with your fitness level

A basic barbell weighs around 7kg (but you can get ones that weigh a LOT more than that!)  So, you can start your weight training with just a plain barbell.  Then, as you get stronger and progress, you can add more weight on.  I love how flexible barbells can be!

4. A Barbell will work your entire body

Check out the video below – I have included 5 exercises that target the whole body. Start with one set of 10 reps for each exercise with your plain barbell.  Then add an extra set until you are easily doing 3 sets of 10.  Then you are ready to add extra weight.  (And maybe some new exercises).

If you would like to learn more exercise or just have someone check your form while you get used to your barbell then book a personal training session with me.  We can work together in person in Albany or via Skype!