If you are a regular reader of my blog you will know that at the beginning of this year I had a hysterectomy.  I had suffered from endometriosis for many years and when it reared its ugly head again in 2016, my surgeon and I decided that for me, a hysterectomy was the best option.

Although I am childless, my age (43), my history with endo, and my chronic singleness meant that kids probably weren’t on the cards for me anyway.

So, on January 7, 2017 I said goodbye to my uterus and my remaining ovary and entered menopause.  And I’m not alone – 30,000 women in Australia have a hysterectomy every year.


These decisions are never easy, but the pain and suffering I’d endured for years made it a little easier.  And I was ready!

I saw the hysterectomy as a way to love my body again.  I know it sounds radical (and it is!) but I had suffered for so long with tremendous pain, fatigue and bloating that I really wasn’t a fan of myself.  The endo had control of my life and my self-esteem and I wanted them back.


Having a hysterectomy was harder that I thought it would be!  I am a physical person, I like to move my body.  But I was stuck lying on my back for four weeks.  I watched a lot of Netflix, read lots of books and did lots of journaling and in that time, I realised I was ready to love my body again.


Here’s the pledge I’ve made to really love & take care of my body no matter what.


Gone are the days where I weigh myself daily or multiple times a day.  Gone are the days where I get out of bed and check how big my tummy is before I do anything else.  No more beating myself up for eating sugar (or carbs or potato chips) but neither will I mindlessly eat without examining why!

I will notice how my body feels, I will rest when I need to, and eat more veggies after a blowout.  I will wear clothes that fit and make me feel good – even if they are a size bigger.  I will gently move my body almost every day and sometimes I’ll go hard because I feel like it.

And I commit to developing and maintaining a positive mindset; to meditation, forgiveness, journaling and whatever else it takes to feel positive more days than not.

I will leave my body judgement at the door and endeavour to never let it in again.

And I pledge to help all women do the same.  To let go of their own body judgement.  To find practices that make them feel great.  And to love themselves unconditionally (almost all of the time because, let’s face it, we all have bad days).


So you are probably, waiting to see (if you haven’t peaked already) my “after” photos.

Just wait a minute!

In the days before my surgery I watched the movie Embrace and was inspired to have photos taken after my surgery.  To document what I was about to do but also to show myself that I am strong and beautiful just the way I am.

So, 4 weeks after my surgery I had these photos taken.

This is what a 43 year old personal trainer, yoga teacher, Endowarrior, post-surgery body looks like.

I’m rocking the tree pose and side angle with strength and power just 4 weeks after major surgery.  Isn’t that amazing?

And although these are not traditional “after” photos that other people in the fitness industry might post, they are me.  The real me.  And I’m proud of my body, of what it can do and even how it looks.

And as my beautiful friend Mitle said, these photos are after photos as they are  “after years of pain, medical treatment, changing career, moving across Australia, building a business, making a huge decision about your body and having surgery – after all that and you’re growing and learning and being of service in a way only you can do xx”





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