When I tell people that I’m a personal trainer and yoga teacher a large percentage start to squirm uncomfortably.  And then the excuses start to come… “Oh yeah, I used to exercise but I just don’t have time”, or “I’m not flexible enough for yoga”, or “Where do you get the energy?  I’m way too tired to exercise” or my favourite, “I hate exercising” (not the best way to make small talk with a personal trainer!).

And these comments make up the most comon reasons why people don’t exercise:

  • time
  • lacking motivation or energy
  • a dislike of exercise
  • I’m not ______ enough (insert flexible, young, fit, good, etc.)

So let me bust a few of these excuses:


The excuse of time is really one of perfectionism.  We can get caught up in thinking unless we do a full 90 minute yoga class, or 4 hard core, hour long sessions a week, we are not doing our exercise routine justice.  So it’s easier to do nothing at all!

My challenge here is to take some imperfect action.  Do a 10 minute exercise routine instead of an hour.  Use your lunch break to walk to the shops and back.  Take the kids to the park and play.  Just take some action!  You can get even more ideas here.  Or try my 1-minute routine here!

Lacking Motivation or Energy

When clients tell me they are too tired to exercise, it usually means they are lacking motivation.  (Sometime it’s illness and then you should rest).  But most of the time it’s sheer motivation.  Find a way to get motivated.  Try physical, logical, emotional, sensual or practical ways to motivate yourself.

Physical motivations can include looking better.  Seeing old photos of yourself when you were fitter and perhaps happier can be a huge motivation.  A logical motivator might be a Type 2 diabetes diagnosis, or a family history of heart disease.  An emotional motivator might be wanting to be around for the grandkids or your partner.  Sensual motivators might include fist pumping music, a healthy diet or some essential oils.  And practical motivators might include tracking your workouts and joining an online group that support you and keep you accountable (check out my online program here.)

Dislike exercise

This one is a big mindset one.  Just change your idea of what exercise is!  A good old fashioned dance in the lounge room is great!  Going for a hike with some friends.  Playing golf.  Getting it on in the bedroom.  These are all ways to keep the heart pumping (some more than others haha) and to get the benefits of exercise.

And have a think about what exercise you loved as a kid…. is there a way of adding some of that back into your life now?  Make it fun.

I’m not ______ enough

This excuse can come in many forms – I’m not young, flexible, fit, old, trendy, outgoing enough.  That’s just some of the “not enough” excuses.  But often they can boil down to one thing – “I’m not good enough”.  And unfortunately this can be a self fulfilling prophecy.  If you are stopping yourself from exercising you are actually missing out on one of the best ways to make yourself feel good.

If this sounds like you then I suggest you throw everything at it!  Try out emotional freedom technique, forgiveness therapy, psychology, essential oils.  There is so much you can do.  But especially in this case it is important to take some action.  Check out this post on releasing fear and doing it anway to get you started.

And if you’d like to see me talk about these excuses check out this webinar I did a few months ago.  It has even more suggestions to get over your exercise excuses and just take action.

If you aren’t exercising much at the moment, what is holding you back?  Decide to take some action now using one of the ideas I’ve suggested.  Which one will you try? Tell me in the comments section – I’d love to know.

And sometimes the biggest excuse of all when it comes to exercise is not knowing where to start.  If that sounds like you book in for a free 15 minute goal setting session with me to quickly find out your exercise mindset blocks and get your body moving!.  You can book here.