The # 1 reason why I became a personal trainer is so I can wear tracksuit pants to work. I mean no one likes that feeling of their waistband digging into their belly. That’s why elastic was invented – am I right?

Hi, I’m Emma Polette. I am a certified Health Coach, Personal Trainer and Yoga Teacher. I was put on this planet to help people reconnect with their health & fitness and inspire them to figure out where their sneakers are (hint: they are either under the bed, in the dog kennel or in your garage. I promise!)

For some unknown reason, the year I was supposed to do work experience at school they decided we had to do it during the holidays. I wanted to be a teacher* so I never got my work experience. That lead me down a weird path of unfinished uni degrees, moving to Sydney, lipstick sales, dental nursing, actually finishing a business degree and a high pressure job in corporate sales.

Have you ever lived a jet set life? If you don’t like the job it’s not much fun. Believe me, I’ve been there.

I put on weight, I got sick and when I was home I could barely motivate myself to get off the couch (except for a trip to the convenience store or the bottlo). I was entering that zone called “officially overweight” and it did not feel good!

Luckily one day I read the junk mail from my letter box and there was a little slip of paper advertising boxing classes. I signed up, incredibly nervous, bribed a friend to come with me and went along. It was amazing.

Boxing made me feel like I had woken from a deep sleep.

After 3 classes, already feeling fitter and stronger,I called my mum to say “I’m quitting my job to move to Albany to become a personal trainer. I’ll have to move in with you.” In typical fashion mum said “When are you coming?”

These days I am living exactly the life I want. I wake up bursting with energy. Ok that’s a lie. I wake up with messy hair, bleary eyes and my dog trying to kiss me. But after 10 minutes I’m good to go! I fuel myself with good food, regular treats, some good red wine and I exercise for a living.

And I always wonder, who can I help today?

My clients are a mixed bunch of women and men who’ve never been fit, or who used to exercise or have even participated in sporting events. But when they start with me they are almost all where I once was – unmotivated and unhealthy but desperate to make a change.

And that’s where I come in. I’m that little voice in your head come to life. “Yes, you should exercise today. Yes, eating a few more veggies wouldn’t hurt. Yes, go get a massage, you deserve it!”

I’ll never make you count calories, throw up at an exercise session or bully you into something that is uncomfortable. All I’ll do is support you, hold you accountable and get you back on track to where you want to be.

If you would like to have a chat about your health & fitness goals and the wonders of elastic waistbands then please book a free 30 minute discovery session by clicking on the button below. I’d really like to meet you.

Emma  xxx


*Look at me – I’m a teacher now!

Me in 2008 (at age 35)

Me in 2008 (at age 35)