I’ve recently downloaded a fabulous app called “Memoir”. You see, I am a fairly sentimental girl and this app tells me of photos I took and Facebook statuses I uploaded a year, two years, three years ago on any given day (can you remember life before Facebook?). So the big thing is that it has been a week this year since I arrived in Albany. How time flies. I really feel like a local now and it definitely is home.

But… The even bigger realisation is that it’s been over 2 years since my last surgery for endometriosis. My first one was in October 2009 when they had to remove a orange sized growth off my almond sized ovary not knowing if it was cancer or not. Those were scary days and I have mum & my friends in Sydney to thank for keeping me sane. After I had recovered from the surgery I realised that I HAD BEEN IN PAIN EVERY DAY FOR AS LONG AS I COULD REMEMBER. Its very weird how pain can be normalised and ignored. Once I was pain-free I realised how much pain I had been in. And it answered many questions: why I ate so much “comfort food” and drank wine most days, why I was bone tired and why I lacked enthusiasm.

I was ok for a year or so, but gradually the pain came back. And I ignored it. Until I couldn’t anymore. And in October 2011 (almost exactly 2 years later) I had my second surgery and my left ovary removed. My endometriosis is a big deal!

So I now realise I’ve broken the streak and I’ve gone 2 years without any surgery (I’m touching wood right now). I’m not in pain. I’m pretty sure the endo hasn’t come back… Yes, I am on some hormone treatment which helps (and does terrible things to my skin) but I’ve also reduced stress, alcohol and processed foods. How does this help? It means my liver can process and remove the excess oestrogen before it has to work on whatever I feed myself and it has less cortisol (the stress hormone) to deal with too. It means I am emotionally and physically balanced. It means I haven’t been to a hospital for 12 months. It means I’ve turned a corner. I know that the changes I have made to how I fuel my body, mind and spirit have had a huge impact!


Me (looking into the future) during my first few days in Albany, November 2012.