Yesterday I went to a high tea. I don’t know why, but I was shocked when this gorgeous tiered plate of cakes was brought out. Um, duh, what else would you expect for high tea?! I know, I realise that now. Therefore I ate a few cakes, so what?

Well, considering I haven’t had more than a bite of anything made of refined sugar for 10 months it actually turned into a big deal. I could feel the rush to start with. Then I crashed at a dinner party at mum’s place (I think I masked that ok?), then was so wired at bed time I could barely sleep. And when I finally did I dreamed of cafes and cakes. That sugar is powerful stuff, I can tell you!

So I’ve woken with a sugar hangover and I’m still a bit jittery. A reminder, that for me, sugar is crack and not all its cracked up to be.