3. Get your friends and family involved when it comes to “tasting” the food while you prepare it.  It will save you from consuming more than your fair share throughout the day!

2.  Often at this time of the year it is advised to have a glass of water for every glass of alcohol you consume.  This is a fabulous idea!  Apply this same rule to fruits and veggies.  Try to eat two or three fruits or veggie pieces for every non-plant item.  This will make sure you get heaps of the healthy stuff during the festive season!

1. Plan your party recipes in advance.  If you leave everything to the last minute you are likely to grab a few packets too many of mince pies and not enough fresh produce for salads.  Try to start prepping a day or two out from Christmas day so you have more time with your family on the big day.

Merry Christmas