I’ve just had 2 weeks off from teaching classes while it was school holidays here in Western Australia. I finished the break with a 2 day get-away of my own. Lots of food, chats, drinks and fun (and not much exercise!) And during this time my own healthy living rules have proven to be true: consistency, the 80:20 rule and 10 minutes are better than nothing.

If you are looking to get healthier and feel amazing (almost all of the time) then these 3 rules are essential. Let me explain:

1. Consistency is key

When it comes to exercise and eating well, planning is your friend. My clients with the best results make regular appointments for classes or private sessions. This allows them to schedule their time around their health goals rather trying to fit health around everything else. Same goes for eating well. Clients who go to the farmer’s market every week and have a regular cooking routine are far more likely to eat a healthy diet which helps them to look and feel great.

Top Tip: Make a commitment for one month to schedule your health priorities first and then manage everything else around them.

2. The 80:20 Rule

What if I told you that eating chocolate and French fries every week is good for you? You might think I’m completely insane! But I firmly believe that eating any food you like is part of living a healthy (and happy) life. But we do need to follow one basic rule. That is, 80% of the time eat a healthy, whole foods diet that minimises sugar and processed “junk” food and for the other 20% allow yourself guilt-free access to whatever you like. You generally eat 21 main meals a week and maybe 14 snacks. This means you can have 4 main means and 2-3 snacks per week that are a bit more indulgent. Doesn’t sound too bad does it?

Top Tip: Plan your meals for the next week factoring the 80:20 Rule. What are the indulgent foods you can add in? Plan them, eat them, enjoy them, forget about them.

3. 10 Minutes are better than nothing

A lot of women I talk to tell me they are far too busy for meditation/yoga/exercise/me-time. My answer to them is that 10 minutes is better than nothing.  Many people think that exercise needs to be a hard core hour to make it worthwhile. But that couldn’t be further from the truth! Long exercise sessions are more likely to cause you injury. Long yoga sessions are more likely to bore you so you won’t do it again for ages. Long meditation sessions are likely to make you feel like you are “crap” at meditation because it’s really hard (impossible even?) to keep your mind still for that long. And spending hours at the spa for me-time is likely to make you feel guilty. Start small with 10 minutes and maybe over time you can push it out for longer.

Top Tip: Choose one activity that you’d like to include in your busy schedule and aim to 10 minutes of it 3 times this week.

So, back to my mini-break.   I have noticed a change in my body from just 2 weeks of not teaching classes. I am excited to get back to my routine because I know it makes me look and feel great. While I was away on holiday we instinctively followed the 80:20 rule (although to be honest it might have been the 70:30 rule as there was a lot of chocolate peanut butter slice) and after a bit of indulgence my body is very happy to go back to its regular eating routine! And while I was away I managed to keep up my daily meditation practice because all I do is 10 minutes a day.

Which one of these 3 rules will you incorporate this week? I’d love to know – write me a note in the comments section.

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